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Struggling with Dyslexia as a child and teenager - Einstein showed signs of brilliance and creativity in his interests in Geometry, he also showed signs of weakness in speech and verbal development, as well as several school subjects. “Nothing would become” of this boy, his teachers believed.

(Albert Einstein)

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We All Learn At A Different Pace... Burton Learning Systems Understands This.

"Many of my teachers labeled me dumb… I barely graduated… there was no way I was going to college. I never even thought about it. I could barely read my textbooks."

     When Muhammad Ali was growing up, teachers and researchers did not know much about dyslexia... Ali was not aware of the fact that he had dyslexia, which led to a lack of confidence in his ability as a student. 

     Having dyslexia did not mean that Ali was not intelligent; he certainly knew he was extremely talented - well beyond the boxing ring. It also meant that he learned differently, in a way that had to be addressed separate from his peers.

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