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Ms. Jeana: Why I Created BLS


     As an educator for 38 years and a special education teacher for 17 of those years, I worked in eight different public and private schools, in and around the state of New Mexico. I consistently observed that the programs and strategies I was given to use to teach my students were not as effective as I felt they should be and were missing the mark for my students' endeavors to overcome their daily, weekly, monthly and yearly challenges and my hopes and goals for them.


      In 1999-2000, I completed an intense Orton-Gillingham language therapy training that changed my life and the lives of hundreds of others since. Using my training, experience, passion for teaching, and the intensive Alphabetic Language Therapy program I saw phenomanal results in all of my high school students' overall language skills. I also tried the program with younger elementary students after school to see if it was just as effective. Sure enough, they made even greater gains than I had anticipated. For the next 5 years, I used the training with many students until I decided to leave the public schools and open BLS in 2004. I created BLS with the hopes of reaching more students in our community. Since then, I have also worked with students in several other communities across our state, as well as, overseas.


     Great secrets are never kept hidden. This is what I have learned about the Orton-Gillingham teaching methods, which make a difference in a frustrated and struggling student's approach to learning. It is a more effective and appropriate approach for a student's specific needs and diverse learning styles. Furthermore, these scientifically-based strategies are the necessary components which have been extensively researched and recognized by the experts in the field of reading and writing instruction. They are proven methods both known and recommended for those that struggle in the process of learning. Research shows us it is necessary to heed in order to experience consistent achievement and raise our students' overall desired abilities to excel academically and to give each student the tools he or she needs to learn how to read, write, spell, and speak effectively.


  • We use a quality and proven research-based therapy program in order to provide students with many positive and successful experiences during therapy sessions. The stronger neural pathways are further developed to assist the weaker or blocked avenues for memory and processing of information.

  • We provide an individually structured, intensive, systematic, progressive, multi-sensory, and repetitious program with direct student-teacher interaction to motivate those who retain and store information in a different way due to Language Processing Difficulties (LPD).

  • We reprogram and then we restructure the brain's processing of language acquisition which facilitates the students' complete understanding of the reading and writing process.  

"Mike and I would like to thank you for the wonderfully miraculous job that you did with Kaylynn in such a short amount of time. After moving, I gave her a month off... when we began reading to-gether again I was blessed beyond measure. Thank You for your labor of love with my daughter."

"Ms. Jeana, our daughter is now sounding out difficult to pronounce and recognize words (which she wasn't doing before). She has truly been blessed as a result of your therapy sessions and wonderful teaching methods."


"My son came home from school the other day and told me how he is now unafraid to be called upon to read aloud in class. I would, and will, encourage parents  who have struggling readers to give BLS a try. It works!"

- Nancy
-- Dave
- Danielle

"Amy came to you reading at a third grade level and left reading at a 4.5 grade level - she had advanced a full year and a half in her reading skills in just a few short months! Thank You!"

- Sarah

"Ms. Jeana... Jessica has taken gigantic steps forward in her reading and writing. Her sudden improvements in the classroom were almost immediate. With her one-on-one work (therapy) with you, she has moved from the first grade reading level to a 3rd grade reading level. 

     I am thrilled at her progress. Her teacher reported to me that her comprehension has also improved dramatically. She is excited to see her high test grades posted on the classroom bulletin boards along with the rest of the class.

     Thank you, Ms. Jeana, for helping her self-confidence grow so much and her motivation to learn, too."


- Anita

"I was really scared my first day of school because I thought the kids wouldn't like me and when I got into your class you made it sound so easy and fun, and it was!"




"Through my cubism and other works, I often often flipped objects around, backwards or out of order for what seemed like artistic vision, but to to me, it was because of my Dyslexia... I grew up struggling to make sense of letters and numbers, actually, in the end, I was showing the world the impact Dyslexia had on my works."

(Pablo Picasso)

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